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上海美国学校SAS"Travel Tips and Trips"分享会圆满成功


        10月25日上午,我们受邀参加上海美国学校(Shanghai American School)举办的“Travel Tips and Trips”旅行分享会。现场我们给各位家长带来了圣诞的科考行程:“PPJ纳帕海科考行程”、“PPJ 滇金丝猴/鹤庆草海科考活动”。刚开始,大家都被开场视频中美丽的王朗风景所吸引,家长们还非常喜欢大熊猫爱心体验的活动。随后,PPJ的CEO李小牧女士亲自为各位家长介绍我们圣诞的行程。家长们对两个项目都非常感兴趣并留了联系方式。最后到了激动人心的抽奖环节。机缘巧合,幸运获得“三晚两卧室普吉岛私人公寓房券”的女士正在跟我们咨询科考行程,而她刚刚说完最想抽到这个大奖。恭喜这位家长。

        We are so honored that the SAS(Shanghai American School) invite us to attend the"Travel Tips and Trips" on October 25.Today we bring two itineraries for this Christmas holiday:"Bird Watching at Napa Lake" and "TNC-The Yunnan golden monkey+Caohai,Heqing".Everyone was attracted by the beautiful scenery in Wanglang National Conservation from the video.By the way,they really love this"Panda volunteer experience".After the video, our CEO- Mrs.Li introduces our PPJ's two recommended itineraries for this Christmas holiday.The parents are so interested in both itineraries that they share us their contact for further information.Finally, the lucky draw time!This time we offer the lucky family: "A Two-bedroom Private Apartment with Three-nights complimentary stay in Phuket Island".What a coincidence! The lucky lady was just sitting on our table right now.She keeps talking that she wants it.Congratulations!Welcome to Phuket Island!

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