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上海西华国际学校WISS-Travel Fair


        2018年5月8日上午,PPJ受邀参加西华国际学校(WISS)举办的“Travel Fair”旅行活动。


        We are so honored that the WISS invites us to attend the"Travel Fair" on May 8th.PPJ presents the latest itinerary for June and National holiday: TNC-Yunnan golden monkey&Caohai,Heqing Wild panda exploration.Everyone was attracted by panda and beautiful  scenery in Wanglang National Reserve.The parents are so interested in this itinerary that they share us their contact for further information. Most exiting part is the Raffle Drawing! PPJ offers 4 Raffle Prize!Thanks for the invitation from WISS, it’s a really well organized event! Congratulations to those lucky families, wish you all enjoy our exclusive Nature Exploration Programs!

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