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Site seeing place-1:Private Museum

At present, are the Wu Yuanhao ancient ceramics Exhibition Hall, Xiong Jinglan master’s workshop, Jingdezhen famous pottery Exhibition hall, wood carving Exhibition hall and Intangible Culture Heritage Exhibition Hall, as well as the Shanghai Arts and Crafts exhibition.

Site seeing place-2:SH Museum

The Shanghai Museum is a must-see for visitors to Shanghai, especially famous for its treasures of bronzes, ceramics, Chinese calligraphy and traditional paintings. With a collection of over 130,000 precious items of cultural relics in 12 categories, presented in 11 galleries and 3 special exhibition halls on the four floors. Shanghai Museum is one of the best museums in China which is rich in treasures.

Site seeing place-3:Aurora Museum

The Aurora Museum was formally opened in Shanghai in October 2013. Located in the financial hub of Pudong, the building that hosts the institution was designed by the internationally renowned Tadao Ando. The Museum showcases the incredible collection of the Aurora group’s Chairman, Mr.Yung Tai Chen who, over 40 years, has gathered ancient Chinese treasures including pottery, porcelain, Buddhist statues and jade artefacts of great historical significance. The library on the 5th floor of the Aurora Museum houses a rich collection of cultural heritage literature along with a substantial amount of publications in English and Japanese. 

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