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Zhejiang Provincial Museum

The Gu Shan Hall of Zhejiang Provincial Museum is located at the southern foot of Gushan, a picturesque area with shimmering waters and beautiful scenery in Hangzhou's West Lake. It is adjacent to the Bai Di and Ping Hu Qiu Yue scenic spots to the east and the Xiling Seal Society to the west, enjoying a unique blend of natural and cultural landscapes. In the autumn of 1993, the expansion and renovation project of Zhejiang Provincial Museum was completed, covering an area of 20,400 square meters. In the autumn of 1999, the Zhejiang West Lake Art Gallery, located on the east side of the museum complex, was completed. The architectural design of the museum consists of individual buildings with distinct Jiangnan regional characteristics combined with winding corridors, creating a unique "garden within the museum, museum within the garden" layout. The well-arranged buildings blend harmoniously with the surrounding scenery of the lake and mountains, making it a charming cultural attraction in Hangzhou. 


West Lake

Throughout history, West Lake in Hangzhou has been a beloved place for literati and scholars, who enjoy boating, drinking, and expressing their feelings towards the lake. The clear green lake water soothes countless restless hearts, and the gentle ripples form a picturesque ink painting or a beautiful poem, or tell a touching legend. The beauty of West Lake is beyond words, and everyone can find their most captivating spot here... 


Longjing Tea Tasting 

"Longjing" tea is a top-grade green tea. Within the 500-acre core production area of Longjing tea in West Lake, there is an imaginative Jiangnan-style tea plantation covering over 9 acres. In this place rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty, you can not only taste the top-quality Longjing tea from the plantation but also have the opportunity to learn the secrets of tea roasting from a master of intangible cultural heritage. 

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