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      If you’ve ever been to one of the “water towns” that dot the lower Yangtze Delta, you’ve probably just followed the tourist hoards as they weave through the lanes and over the bridges, snapping photos where you can and buying the occasional souvenir.Visiting Zhujiajiao with PPJ will open your eyes and let you see beyond those crowds and inside ancient buildings and gardens that you would most certainly miss on your own.Steeped in history, Zhujiajiao is a cultural pearl only a little over an hour from Shanghai. Although, when you’re sitting on the veranda of an ancient teahouse, overlooking the water while sipping house-made tea-infused huangjiu (Chinese wine) as the lanterns are lit along the bridges, you will feel like you are light-years away from the tumultuous city. 

Sara Naumann

China Travel Expert

     PPJ has access to things the normal tourist doesn't. This became clear when we climbed the steps of a centuries-old teahouse that has now been restored to its full glory and offers one meal a night to lucky diners who are in the know.

Uncovering the Secrets of Zhujiajiao with PPJ Tours

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